Don’t believe us?

We have a calculator to help you see how much Tier 2 Tickets™️ can improve your bottom line.

1. The End-User launches Tier2Tickets™
when they encounter a problem.

They don’t need to know a phone number, email, or URL to contact you. They don’t need to know how to take a screenshot, read off their hostname, or even how to describe their problem. They just need to know they need help and Tier2Tickets™ does the rest.

2. Tier2Tickets’™ friendly UI walks the end-user through basic questions anyone can answer.

Their name, their email, their preferences on how to be contacted, or if it’s an emergency. We built Tier2Tickets™ with our MSP clients in mind, and we know that your needs might be different, so yes, these fields are all customizable.

We also have added the power for you to tighten up your specific integration through Custom Rules and Advanced Integrations, which are powered through Python Syntax. Assign tickets to certain queues or techs, escalate or de-escalate priorities, and even throw exceptions based on rules you set for certain words in the submitted message, selections the user chose, email address, or business name.

3. Tier2Tickets™ performs a vast amount of diagnostic work for you.

As soon as Tier2Tickets™ is launched, our software gets to work. Here are just a few of the tasks we’ve included in our patent-pending product from the get-go:

  • Builds a slideshow of the last 20 actions the user took before the button was pressed so you can reproduce the error.
  • Collects system information and logged in user account(s).
  • Collects real-time processes, memory, CPU, disk usage, and hardware status.
  • Collects network diagnostics and completes connectivity checks.
  • Requests information from the end-user about what was happening and why they are submitting a request.
  • Matches the end-user with an account in your ticketing system or helps them to create a new one.

Plus, run any custom scripts you want to add yourself!

4. You receive a perfect ticket straight to your PSA or ticketing system.

Tier2Tickets™ then complies all of this real-time diagnostic data into an awesome report that boasts remote access tools for further assessing and solving user problems, flagging everything that is a potential issue, curated links to valuable search results for pertinent system statuses, messages, and programs, and the ability to also append or upload any additional information you might find necessary.

Not only does it hand you a perfect ticket with all the initial diagnostics and data collection already done, it assists you and your techs in triaging and solving client problems, starting your tickets with a 30-minute head start and no guesswork.

You’re gonna love it.

We’ve built Tier 2 Tickets™ through from initial request to resolution, not just because we wanted to make something cool, but because we’ve been where you are.

Learn more about us, about how this is useful for clients, techs, and management, or just register today.